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The Letter Mem
The main shape of the logo is the Hebrew letter Mem. This is the perfect symbol for the organization because the name of the letter itself is the same as the acronym of the organization.

Secondly, the letter Mem represents different concepts and roles with which the organization identifies itself. Because it evokes the idea of cleansing, new life, and mediation between two parties, the letter is representative of Jesus, in whom we put our trust for salvation and is the reason we do all things.

The idea of standing in the gap between two opposites is also one that exemplifies the role of Maranatha. As witnesses to the gospel, we stand as mediator between the unsaved and their salvation. We also stand as mediator between the body of believers and the Jewish person, helping to teach both sides how the richness of the other can increase their understanding of who God is.


The Rays of Light
Maranatha is the Aramaic for "Our Lord, come!" used in 1 Cor. 16:22 and Rev. 22:20. The coming of Jesus evokes the image of lightning, visible in the west from the east, and his face shining like the sun in all its brilliance. Because of this, rays of light are incorporated to remind us of the unimaginable glory and soon return of our Messiah. The rays of light also serve as reminders to be spiritual light of God in the darkness of this world.

The fact that the rays of light are three represents the fact that the Bible describes the three persons of the One God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


The Dove
In the Bible, the Spirit of God and water are intimately connected (creation, the baptism of Jesus, Pentecost, e.g.). Since the Mem represents water, and our baptism is of water and the Spirit, it follows that the work of the Holy Spirit should be a part of every believer's ministry and is a major part of ours. The dove represents the Holy Spirit as he descended upon Jesus at his baptism, and the peace that we all long for when we come into God's Kingdom.


The Tablet
The general shape of the logo evokes the image of one of the tablets of the commandments given to God's people on Mount Sinai. We agree with the apostle Paul that the Law of God is good and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. We also affirm that spiritual salvation is by grace through faith and not by works.