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What is Jacob's Ladder?


Jacob's Ladder is a weekly expository Bible Study taught by Brent Avery. We explore the depth of prophetic meaning and life application evident throughout the Bible, starting where the Bible starts, the Torah. Some might even call the study, "The Gospel according to Moses." Brent's study and teaching helps one to find God's self-revelation in every book, chapter, verse, sentence, word, and even letter of the Bible.

Brent's teaching is unique because he examines intimate relationship between the New Testament and Old, takes time to explore the meaning of the text in the original languages, and applies teachings of the ancient Jewish sages. These often bring to light new and meaningful patterns throughout the entire Bible - and point to our Savior, Jesus. He truly is the light of creation and the "lamb slain from the foundations of the world."

Anyone is always welcome to come and participate.


Time and Place
to be announced

The Name
The name Jacob's Ladder is taken from a vision that Jacob had in the book of Genesis of angels ascending and descending heaven on a ladder (Gen. 28:12). This vision is representative of Jesus, who has provided the link between earth and heaven through His sacrifice (John 1:51). Accompanying that vision is the promise of inheritance first given to Abraham; the inheritance which Jesus provides to all who believe in Him. We are called to be like Jesus, and in many ways we are the link between the world and Jesus, since one of the greatest ways the world can see the light of God is through our lives.

Several Jacob's Ladder lessons are online to listen to and download. Follow the "resources" link above.